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The safety of our passengers and staff governs all our activities.

The Managing director is the accountable manager, and he is responsible for the company's practices being compliant with the standards defined by a rigorous system of management and risk prevention applicable to all activities of the group.

The hiring and training of staff, the provision of adequate equipment and work tools, the drastic selection of suppliers which are regularly monitored, contribute to the development of the group with the pursuit of excellence in mind.

The group's policies and safety aviation standards are based on the following principles:

  • he company's core values: safety, health, respect of the environment, ethical behavior and respect towards all personnel
  • optimal control of risks associated with air transport operations
  • Clearly defined safety objectives
  • A proactive approach based on the Management's commitment
  • Awareness of one's responsibilities at all staff levels
  • The constant search for zero risk,
  • Regular internal and external audits.

The Group's procedures defining the Strategy and Quality policies are compliant with the norm ISO 9001 (v.2008)