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The Group has been providing rotary wing services in West Africa with safety and efficiency as its priorities for over 30 years. The group has developed a strong bond and established a privileged relationship with its Customers and especially those of the oil, gas and mining industries which constitute its core business.

Various companies form the IAS Group and it is impossible to separate their history. Through the years, IAS has evolved by creating new subsidiaries to meet the specific needs of its customers locally. After several decades of operations in West Africa, IAS retains its leading position in the region.

The group began its history in 1981 with the creation of Ivoire Helicoptere, a company specialized in aerial work and crop spraying by helicopters and airplanes. The development and introduction of new businesses in West Africa demanded a fast, safe and reliable mean of transportation in the sub-region. To meet these needs, Ivoire Helicoptere expanded its activities with private charters in 1995.

International Aircraft Services (IAS), the main entity of the group, was created in 2002 to meet the needs of the petroleum industry after major oil and gas reserves were discovered offshore Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. The Volta River Aviation company located in Ghana was born a year later to meet, the growing needs of IAS in the country with a local company. In 2011, IAS opened a new satellite base and office in Monrovia, Liberia to further expand its local presence.

The group's scope of works was enlarged over time, focusing mainly around personnel transport, medical evacuations, transportation of minerals and materials by helicopter, mainly for players of the oil, gas and mining industries. The Group also carries out specific and punctual operations such as airborne geophysics surveys, VIP and government officials transport and aerial cinematography.

Today the group employs over 100 qualified professionals and operates a fleet of 25 aircraft making it the largest provider of helicopter services in the West African region.