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The Team

The group's human resources are its greatest strength. The exercise of our profession in the best security conditions requires the employment of qualified personnel, continuous training and an assurance that our crews remain at their highest level.

Our teams, which are recruted on a permanent basis have gained critical experience thanks to many years of practice in the aviation indutry and have been developing their skills for many years in the Western Africa region.

Our company is focused on recruiting local workforce when possible to operate on our various bases. The company promotes openness and its multicultural environment participates to its dynamism.

The group ensures a fast and secure service that meets the highest standards of the industry, thanks to the expertise of our pilots and mechanics capable of reacting in time to meet the immediate needs of the client for all types of missions.

All our missions can be performed from all our sites of operation in full compliance with regulations OPS3.CI RC (JAR OPS3), IATA and ICAO recommendations.

Human Resources Skills

The resources provided by the Management Board include: a capable workforce, sufficient time for the completion of each task as well as facilities and equipment. Staff at all levels, are obligated to report problems in achieving their goals, and the steps taken to address issues are monitored and controlled.

Workforce Development and Training Policy

Our staff training policy ensures the acquisition and development of skills necessary for various departments of the company to function optimally.

All the crews and technical teams are subject to ongoing training in order to maintain skills and expertise at the highest level required by our profession. Competency standards for pilots, technicians and management are described in our Operations and Maintenance manuals.