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Flight School

Ivoire Hélicoptère in Cote d'Ivoire and Volta River Aviation in Ghana, each have a flight school for the training of helicopter pilots.

The Ivoire Helicoptère Training Center is located at the Abidjan International airport, while the Volta River Aviation Training Academy is situated at the Takoradi airfield.

The objective of these two schools is to meet the needs expressed by all states of the African continent to have a proper training for private pilots or public institutions. Our ambition is to offer our customers an optimal training program in strict accordance with standards and regulations for flight safety.

In this spirit, the majority of training offered is based entirely on European JAR FCL2 regulations.

Once training has been completed, the school issues a license or a qualification in line with the recommendations and requirements of ICAO.

We currently provide the following training programs:

Initial training courses:

  • PPL(H) - Private Helicopter Pilot Licence
  • CPL(H) intégrée - Integrated Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence training
  • CPL(H) modulaire - Modular Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence training

Qualifications Training courses:

  • Night Flight Clearance
  • FI(H) - Helicopter Flight Instructor
  • RECYCL. FI(H) - Recycling for Flight Instructors
  • QT Hel - Type Training (R22, R44, AL II, AL III, Dauphin C and Dauphin N)

In order to satisfy both French and English speaking audiences, we have confirmed an educational team consisting of experienced instructors, able to provide training in both languages.

Download our flight training school and training programs presentation